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I am originally from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I am a qualified mindfulness teacher, certified by the UK Mindfulness Association to teach the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), which is a comprehensive 8-week program.

Prior to that, I taught meditation with an international organisation for several years, teaching classes and running retreats in Canada, Mexico and the UK.

I offer mindfulness classes, taster sessions, talks and one-to-one mentoring around Edinburgh, Midlothian and The Scottish Borders and also offer individual coaching sessions based on my book
“Kick The Thinking Habit”.

From a young age, I had a fascination with Eastern teachings (and with India in particular) and spent several years living and travelling in the region.

It was in India in the early 1980’s that I first came across mindfulness, when I attended a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat in Jaipur. The experience had a deep impact on me and meditation has remained an important part of my life since then.

I spent 5 years living in Japan, where I studied Zen Buddhist meditation, Shiatsu and Reiki. Upon returning to the UK in 1993, I set up the Edinburgh Reiki Centre, the first in Scotland, and have been running classes and workshops on a range of topics for over 20 years now.

In 2004, I attended a 6-month intensive meditation retreat in Canada which marked a big changing point in my life.
Inspired by how deeply it had transformed my own experience, I became passionate about sharing the many benefits of meditation with others and completed my teacher training.

My experiences on the retreat also inspired me to write my first book “
Kick The Thinking Habit”.

After graduating, I was given the opportunity to move to Mexico, where I spent four years living in a meditation centre, teaching classes and retreats throughout the country.

I left Mexico and, after spending some time living and teaching in the UK Centre in Oxford, I decided, for personal reasons, to move on from the organisation I had been a part of.

It was then that I came across the work of Rob Nairn, founder of the Mindfulness Association. Inspired by the strong focus on developing loving kindness and compassion for self and others, I enrolled on their two-year teacher training program, which I have now completed. For me, it has been a powerful journey of self-healing and self-discovery and I feel excited about sharing what I have learned with others.

Aside from that, I have been a student of Atma Vichara (the Indian teaching of self-enquiry) for many years. The image in the banner above is of the holy mountain Arunachala in the south of India, where I regularly go in winter to write, study, meditate (and soak in the vibes!)

I am currently living with my partner Susanne in Roslin (of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code fame), a peaceful little village just outside Edinburgh, where we are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful nature and wonderful walks.